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    The Olympics

    […] Following the 2004 theme song for the Athens Olympics, Hero, was Arashi’s Kaze no Mukou e. (©)

    *Interview took place in 2009

    so beautiful

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  • Ohno Satoshi
  • "We slept in a twin room. I woke up at around 6am. So I thought I’d just go back to sleep again, but Sakurai Sho seems to be saying something while sleeping. “Ah~make Aiba sleep… just make him sleep already”. Such a thing happened to our Sakurai Sho."
  • Sakurai Sho, on Re(mark)able
  • "This was while recording Satoshi-kun’s part, the “kono itsutsu no wa ga mata atsumari” part. At first, Satoshi-kun got the beat wrong and came in too fast. But then, when I listened to it I thought “isn’t this even better?”. So I said “Satoshi-kun, hold on. I’m going to add lyrics”, and changed “mata” to “mata moya”."
  • Ohno Satoshi
  • "Our Sakurai Sho loves pizza too you know! That person, he really eats like crazy! And he regrets afterwards, cause he ate too much (laugh) Eh~ I would like to go for pizza together with our Sakurai Sho next time!"
  • [Old translation] Arashi no Shukudai-kun Staff Diary


    “No tears allowed today~” in the words of Director Hino, “guess you’d better say that to the staff? (laugh)” “We have crybabies around~” our last meeting was rounded up in such an atmosphere.

    It’s not Shukudai-kun’s style to have people teary-eyed! But the memories I want to talk about, and the interesting projects which I would like to see again, there are a lot of them! So finally, we entrusted everything to Arashi and Ogura-san for the things to be aired. And because of that, in the end there were Tutankhamun (a.k.a golden face) and nipple showing, those things popped up, and they’re all are done by Arashi’s will (laugh).

    The staff just kept their feelings which are treated as memory goods (like, concert goods). There was this “let’s have a informational filming (additional information like going out to film in the town that particular food came from etc. but I think in this case they’re referring to Jun before becoming Golden Face) after shooting this…”, someone said bluntly “wouldn’t it be better if we filmed that first?” … Indeed. Everyone likes that~ (laugh)

    While saying “stop it~”, with the T-shirt prepared beneath the pyjamas, we caught a glimpse of the master’s skill doing it (Aiba cutting Sho’s shirt). Don’t learn it~ (laugh)

    And thanks to that, in the dark studio which is starting to feel rather wet (from tears about to fall), people started laughing by the sight of that shiny Tutankhamun

    Shukudai-kun went on for 3.5 years. If you count from “C no Arashi!”, you’ll get 7 years and 8 months altogether. The fun memories flashed through my mind non-stop. I think it’s good to share the same various scenes left in our memories with these people.

    Though we end with a heart of gratitude for those who expressed regret regarding the ending of this program, now with the same members of nearly 8 years, we’re thankful that we are still able to do other programs together in an unchanged stance. For those who’ve always been watching our program all these while and those who’ve just started recently, from the bottom of our hearts thank you very much.

    Of course, there are feelings of loneliness, when Arashi members finally say “I’m going off!”, I think the staff are all charging their own batteries preparing for the day we can say “welcome back!”. Till the day when we all meet together again, please rest well…

    (Source: ntv.co.jp)

  • [1st concert public viewing]
    Sho: I hope they’ll enjoy just as much as those at the venue
    Ohno: I hope they’ll sit down properly and watch.
    4 burst out in laughter.
    Nino: Isn’t it OK!? Everyone has their own way of enjoying
    Sho: He’s serious in a weird way (laugh)
    Jun: We hope that while they go by the regulations they’ll enjoy themselves, don’t we?
    Aiba: Because certain cinemas have certain regulations
    Nino: Like some cinemas which prohibit standing up


    This happened during the shooting of their pin up photo. Nino was playing around with Ohchan as if he were the stylist. When you look closely… Ohchan became very sexy. This precious forbidden shot, since it’s such a waste, we’ll share it here  They really stand out in the picture below in comparison with the delicate 3 guys so closely together. Then there’s a inside feed from the time when Nino challenged cake-making for the shooting of ArashiIZM. Spreading out the wrapper on the table, he practiced writing with the chocolate cream. Though he wrote on the cake “daisuki (I like you very much)”, in his scribbling he added “Arashi” on it. This cake, it’s been praised “delicious!” at the set of “GANTZ”. This is great~!

  • Instead of exchanging rings, Ohmiya exchanged shirts for their engagement XD

  • Ohno Satoshi
  • "I can’t remember birthdays. Heaven knows how much effort I put in to remember members’ birthdays! I memorized them properly! First it’s Sakurai Sho. January 25th. Ah! I got it! I got it right!"