Ohno stan's gif-making exercise workbook. (currently taking a break from making gifs because I'm not watching any videos now)

Gifs are mostly made from (much) older clips. I occasionally do piano/ vocal covers and fanarts. All translations of quotes and excerpts are my own. You can find translations of longer articles and magazines on my LJ.

All questions will be answered in private to avoid spamming people who follow me. Answers to anonymous questions will be public for one week. I am neither interesting nor funny, you have been warned not to have high expectation of my answers.
  • Instead of exchanging rings, Ohmiya exchanged shirts for their engagement XD

    September 22 – 220 Notes
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  • Ohno Satoshi
  • "I can’t remember birthdays. Heaven knows how much effort I put in to remember members’ birthdays! I memorized them properly! First it’s Sakurai Sho. January 25th. Ah! I got it! I got it right!"
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  • Kindaichi OST booklet

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  • Bon demonstrates how we should say “okay”

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  • The balance ❤

  • Momonga!
    I envy the relationship Shun has with his dad.

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  • Study mode ✨✨

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  • Q: What would you like to give to the members?
    Ohno: (to Sho) A painting of a body builder. Some time ago, I painted one for Sho-chan during his birthday, so I’ll give him another one, as a sequel (laugh)

    (Caps are from a 2003 program during Yoiko no Mikata period where Sho-kun took a video of his room)
    August 6 – 61 Notes
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  • aquaeverything:



    there are so many things i could say about this.

    Please, go on. :D

    for starters what is creeper!ohno even doing there? Lol

    What Ohno? Where? I only see an extra pair of legs in trousers at the back←like that’s not weird enough

    (Source: hoechlaws)

    August 6 – 207 Notes
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