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About Redbeard and his last vow


I’ve been driving myself crazy with speculation as to what Mycroft’s role might be in “His Last Vow" and I think there might be a hint in one of the last things Mycroft says to Sherlock in "The Sign of Three".


Oh by the way, Sherlock. Do you remember “Redbeard”?


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Here’s a ballad duet cover of Arashi’s Bittersweet, which marks the first collaboration between stormychu and I. She did the wonderful ballad arrangement on piano while I sang and added some extra vocal parts. A plane flew by near the end of my recording, I’m quite fascinated by it so I opted to keep it LOL

Hope you like it!

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Laughing at Aiba-chan

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Year 2064, Beijing Capital T3 Tower received a weird signal requesting to land, with explanation that they experienced radar signal disturbance in the past few hours and could not be in contact with land. It was a vintage Boeing 777-200 which the production has stopped since 20 years ago. The plane successfully landed after taking a few rounds, out came its passengers wearing dull out-of-fashion clothes but with bright smile on their faces. What welcomed them was the warm streaks of sun ray at 6.30 in the morning. The world stopped for all airport crew and passengers awaiting to board their own flight. As tears filled their faces, they could barely mutter under their breath, “They’re home. MH370.”

translated and adapted from weibo

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「Shitsuren Chocolatier」OST ringtones

For those who are interested, I’ve made some here.

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Hello dear followers! Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been busy with work (still coping with my new job being a fresh grad) and… when I’m finally free I don’t know what to post ^^; but I miss to guys, so I’m here spamming some desserts I had over the week LOL

Do you like desserts too?

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I believe in my wand, I believe in my wand again
You know where
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Skaterboy leader marking his prey

-via nyanchanxpaimandgo

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when I realize Christmas is over

when I realize Christmas is over

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Zawachin, a girl with crazy make up skills does Arashi imitations. You can check out her blog to see how she did it. Apparently the hardest to imitate was Ohno.