Ohno stan's gif-making exercise workbook. (currently taking a break from making gifs because I'm not watching any videos now)

Gifs are mostly made from (much) older clips. I occasionally do piano/ vocal covers and fanarts. All translations of quotes and excerpts are my own. You can find translations of longer articles and magazines on my LJ.

All questions will be answered in private to avoid spamming people who follow me. Answers to anonymous questions will be public for one week. I am neither interesting nor funny, you have been warned not to have high expectation of my answers.
  • Everyday I’m thankful for the wonderful fanarts artists produce (top 4 phone screencaps: wallpaper used with permission and much appreciation to 天真岚@weibo). Using these as my phone wallie not only adds a personal touch to my daily-use device, but also reminds me of my love for Arashi as a fangirl, and also my love for art as an artist.

    I have been doing traditional painting since I was 8, from pencil sketches, watercolours, to Chinese ink paintings. but was never able to do computer graphics, so I basically just stuck to hand painting. I painted Arashi in Samurai Blue uniform (based on “Arashi ni Shiyagare” ep #50) as requested by a fanpal in exchange for her hand-painted shirt which says “I fish OHNO” (←best deal ever, LOL) It didn’t turn out very good as I haven’t been painting since I graduated from highschool^^; The bottom-most paintings are from the final module for my Chinese ink painting correspondence (Taiwan) course, both done on rice paper, which the control of water and strokes are very essential.

    I’m glad this fandom is not just about the boys alone, but also about sharing talents, appreciating the efforts of others, and helping each other develop interests. Thank you, all ye wonderful people ♥

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  • tagged by matsujunkie (your CL wallie is so cool!!!)

    I pretty much have everything I need on the Start Pageimage

    Because I prefer not to clog up my desktop (hello, give Ohno all the glory he deserves, okay? XD). Usually it’s just some things I’m working on/ will be using very often/ on-going downloads. Had this wallie for many years now, I forgot who made it but am forever grateful for it. I used this on all my laptops, for obvious reasons LOLimage

    Most of my files are stored in external HDs (currently I have 5, only 1 is set aside for Arashi-related files) because I need to free up my memory for engineering softwares to run smoothly.

    (I dunno if these people have been tagged already) Anyway I’m tagging azul3104 kyraensui xdestroying dr-igby tsuribaka92 for the desktop wallie meme :-)

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  • I saw some phone-wallie-screencap meme thing going around some time ago and here’s me self-tagging after so long LOL

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    Momunication *grope grope*

    -via nyanchan x yuckie-chan

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  • "I’ll totally let him have her. That’s right. Yes. Well, if Matsujun says “I kinda like her”, I’d be like, haa~ go on go on help yourself. Ohno Satoshi is the worst (laugh)"
    Ohno Satoshi, when asked what he’ll do if one of the members took his fiance
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  • [2005.3.24] Arashi Discovery Special Week (4/5) Jun

    Matsumoto: This week we have all Arashi members appearing on Arashi Discovery. Today’s question is about fashion! Here’s the question. I think there will be many people wearing new clothes for school and work with springtime coming. So, where do you wear the necktie which people usually wear with suits?

    Please choose from the following four:

    Ninomiya: 1 - stomach
    Aiba: 2 - neck
    Ohno: 3 - head
    Sakurai: 4 - finger

    Matsumoto: The answer is 2, neck

    Ohno: So neck. Speaking of neck, what do you think of? 
    Sakurai: Hey hey, do you make your neck look thick? It’s fashion right? 
    Ninomiya: It’s written that it’s spring fashion 
    Sakurai: It’s spring fashion right? Let’s stop talking about neck. It’s not possible right? With the neck 
    Ninomiya: It’s pretty rare 
    Matsumoto: We’re going to waste 2 minutes just talking about necks? Man, this is ridiculous!! 
    Ohno: Well, today we have Matsumoto-san leading out (laugh) 
    Matsumoto: Yes 
    Ohno: Speaking of Matsumoto-san… This is just my image okay? It’s fashion. Well it’s springtime already this year. 
    Matsumoto: Um… this year, we’re also wearing fashionable flower prints in a good timing aren’t we? 
    Ohno: Ohh 
    Matsumoto: And, we have “Sakura Sake”, we also wore costumes with cherry blossoms on them 
    Ohno: Ohh! So, will you wear things like T-shirts with cherry blossoms and show us? 
    Matsumoto: Ah, I don’t know about that (laugh) 
    Ohno: I’m looking forward to it (←in a cute voice) 
    Aiba: Fufufufu. What kind of expression is that? (laugh) 
    Matsumoto: You’re not looking forward to it, are you? 
    Ohno: Ehhh!? 
    Matsumoto: You’re not exactly looking forward to it. It’s fine no matter what I wear, isn’t it? (←somehow sounding disappointed) 
    Ohno: But… usually… you always wear those kind of clothes… 
    Matsumoto: Yes, some time before this, I was wearing my usual clothes, my very typical daily wear. And you said “what happened? Matsujun. You look like you’re wearing pyjamas” (laugh) 
    Ohno: Cause it really looked like pyjamas. I thought it’s quite rare to see you in it

    Sakurai: Ohno-kun, but you’re wearing pretty cute clothes recently, wearing cute reversible down jackets and such 
    Ninomiya: Yes, he’s dressed in camouflage. You’d go into hiding right? If we don’t realize… 
    Ohno: I’ll go into hiding… 
    Sakurai: You’ll go into hiding? 
    Ohno: I’ll become invisible? 
    Ninomiya: You’ll become invisible, really (laugh) 
    Ohno: Then I won’t wear that, I’ll turn it around and wear the brown side outwards 
    Ninomiya: That jacket is cute 
    Ohno: I bought that in bundles actually 
    Sakurai: I can’t believe it 
    Aiba: Eh, leader you bought those yourself? 
    Ohno: I bought those myself!! 
    Ninomiya: It’s the first time right? Buying clothes for yourself 
    Aiba: Eh, where? Where’d you buy them? 
    Ohno: Kichijoji! (←proud) 
    Sakurai: Hahahaha, isn’t that the name of the place (laugh) 
    Ohno: I didn’t even take 1 minute!! (←ultra proud) 
    Ninomiya: As expected, so generous (←always thinking about money) 
    Ohno: You know? The shopkeeper will always tell you, “would you like to try this?”… I don’t really like people telling me that. And I don’t want to wear them either cause it’s really troublesome, so I just said “I’ll take these”… 
    Sakurai: You bought them without even trying them on? 
    Aiba: What if the size doesn’t fit? 
    Ohno: Nah, I know my size exactly when I look at it (laugh) It’s like that 
    Sakurai: That’s amazing 
    Aiba: You just know yourself huh. You’re confident. 
    Ohno: It’s the best (laugh) 
    Sakurai: It’s the best huh!! (←totally supportive) 
    Ohno: …Not! (←coming back at himself) 
    Aiba: I don’t understand at all! 
    Ninomiya: Fufufufu 
    Ohno: That’s all from Arashi

    (Source: fusionlovers.jugem.cc)

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  • [2005.3.23] Arashi Discovery Special Week (3/5) Ohno

    Ohno: This week we have all Arashi members appearing on Arashi Discovery. Today’s question is about new song release. Today, Arashi’s new song will be released. So now, what’s the title of this support song during springtime?

    Please choose from the following four:

    Sakurai: 1 - Sakura Sake
    Ninomiya: 2 - ke… ke, ke, kendama
    Aiba: 3 - ma, ma… marimo
    Matsumoto: 4 - mo? Monkikki

    Ohno: What the… you guys think this is shiritori game!?

    Ohno: The answer is 1, “Sakura Sake”.

    Ohno: Right… so it’s “Sakura Sake”, this time. Right? March 23rd, it’s today. 
    Ninomiya: Oh, really!! 
    Ohno: It’ll be released soon…how is it? Everyone 
    Sakurai: It’s great!      
    Ohno: Right, it’s already number 1 since it started selling. Amazing right? It’s running up front, instant dash (laugh) 
    Ninomiya: Number 1, we don’t know that yet, do we? 
    Sakurai: Indeed we don’t, but… it fits the timing right now. And speaking of spring… it’s cherry blossoms (sakura), isn’t it? 
    Ohno: It’s absolutely perfect for the season 
    Aiba: Yes indeed, for Japan especially, it’s definitely things like cherry blossoms 
    Ninomiya: Though we have 4 seasons… we don’t really get to feel and live through each of them 
    Ohno: This song is easy to sing at the karaoke too right? 
    Sakurai: I think you can have a lot of fun singing this at the karaoke, this song 
    Aiba: I think so too 
    Matsumoto: Do you have any tips how to sing the rap part? 
    Sakurai: Tips on singing the rap… um, since the tempo is fast just drag it through (laugh) 
    Ninomiya: You mean don’t sing it? 
    Sakurai: It’s more fun not to sing it, cause it’s quite tough! 
    Ohno: Ah but, I like the chorus 
    Sakurai: You know, the second half, the chorus kinda goes dandandandan! That will definitely get people hyped up at the karaoke  
    Ohno: Maybe, I’m imagining, an all-guys’ gathering… 
    Sakurai: Yes!! (←suddenly clapped hands) 
    Ohno: Naked on the top 
    Matsumoto: Hey!! (laugh)      
    Ohno: Standing on the chairs…     
    Sakurai: Ohh! That’s it! 
    Ohno: And form a scrum! 
    Sakurai: No no no scrum-forming (laugh) Why would they? 
    Ohno: That’s wrong, ah, wrap their arms around each others’ shoulders (laugh)

    Ninomiya: Okay wrap their arms around each others’ shoulders  
    Ohno: And then, I have the image that they’ll be jumping like that 
    Sakurai: I get you, I get you. Huh? Seems like I’m the only one. Huh? No one else? 
    Aiba: I understand I understand (laugh) 
    Ohno: They’d be all hyped up 
    Matsumoto: No doubt, that’s actually us 
    Sakurai: It’s more likely that we are the ones to get so hyped up huh? At the karaoke… 
    Ninomiya: I thought so that it’s actually we ourselves doing that 
    Sakurai: When the 5 of us went to the karaoke together we did exactly that didn’t we (laugh) 
    Ohno: And all the songs we sang were Arashi songs 
    Sakurai: We like ourselves too much (laugh) 
    Aiba: The karaoke staff was really taken aback 
    Sakurai: He was (laugh) Songs like “Hitomi no naka no Galaxy”… it’s amazing to see people getting so hyped up while singing 
    Ninomiya: Cause we’re the only ones who’d ever act like that (laugh) 
    Ohno: Man, we sweated a lot, all of us. Well, we’re releasing this time too, March 23rd which is today. Arashi’s new song “Sakura Sake” is released. Everyone please buy it. That’s all…    
    All: from Arashi!

    (Source: fusionlovers.jugem.cc)

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  • "It was the first time we filmed a PV by acting. The set and props were properly prepared too. During that time there was a vaulting box. The director told us to run quickly from both sides towards the vaulting box and hop on it. But when Aiba-chan and I did it for real, I remember that we ended up facing each other so close we nearly kissed."
    Ohno Satoshi
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  • "First I shampoo my hair, then, I rinse it. Then from my left arm. And I wash around my neck, and then, I wash my right arm, then I follow the flow and wash my chest,  wash my stomach. Then, … I wash my ○※◇♯, and then, I wash my legs, wash my right foot, wash my left foot, at last I wash my back, something like that. "
    Ohno Satoshi
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    ChocopornYama~ XD ♥

    Wonder if they argue about which brand tastes better, and J too, don’t forget J

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